Walmart Affiliate Program: Free Traffic To Earn $31000/Month

Before joining any affiliate program or in this case Walmart Affiliate Program, a few questions we may ask ourselves are;

  • How to join Walmart Affiliate Program?
  • What are the minimum requirements to join Walmart Affiliate Program?
  • How much do Walmart affiliates make?
Walmart affiliate program review

You can easily make thousands of dollars through Walmart Affiliate Program with free traffic that we will discover in this blog post.

Note:  If you are planning to join Walmart Affiliate Program, make sure you target only US citizens or your major traffic should be based in the United States. As per impact radius, Walmart has set their service area to the USA only.

Walmart affiliate program dashboard

How to join Walmart Affiliate Program?

Walmart Affiliate Program can be joined through this link here. You can register or sign in directly if you have an account.

Other affiliate programs also use or similar services. 

Steps to join Walmart Affiliate Program through

Walmart Affiliate Program is easy to join with the following steps

1. Join Walmart Affiliate Program through the link here. It’s free & anyone can join.

Walmart join

2. Click on “Become a member” & fill out all the details to create an affiliate account with them or just sign in, if you already have an account.

3. Once the signup process is completed, your application will be reviewed manually & hopefully will be accepted by them.

4. Once you are approved, you can generate your links here & can track them.

impact radius link create for walmart

You can get access to different image banners from here

link sand banners

You can use all these links & banners with your audience on your website or a similar channel. Once you start getting clicks & conversions, you will get paid on the same platform. Walmart Affiliate Program pays in USD currency, but the conversion will take place on as per your selected currency.

What are the minimum requirements to join Walmart Affiliate Program? 

Before joining Walmart Affiliate Program you must have to meet their requirements. Walmart may check your website traffic or the type of content you publish there.

If you don’t have a website you can share your Facebook page or YouTube channel along with a detailed method or a quick guide on how you are going to promote Walmart. 

That’s it.

If you already have a good audience or followers, your application will be accepted quickly. However, as long as your marketing brings them business, they really don’t care about the above factors. You must have to convince them or reach out to them through email if they reject your application.

How much do Walmart Affiliates make?

how much Walmart pays

To answer this question I must say it depends on your marketing strategy or the amount of traffic you gain. A pro affiliate earns around an average of $4000 to $31K per month through the Walmart Affiliate program.

Sounds difficult to achieve with the lowest commission percentage? But I will discuss the strategy in this blog post.

Walmart Affiliate Program Commissions

Walmart Affiliate program commissions range from 1%-4% depending on the category you are going to promote. Whatever product you promote, the purchase should be made within 3 days from your affiliate link with the last credit policy. 

Here is how Walmart Affiliate Program pay ranges within different niches;

List ItemCommission paid by Walmart

Walmart Affiliate Program Review

Like other affiliate programs, I must say the Walmart affiliate program can generate a good amount of free passive income if you have a good audience. However, if you have a new website it may take your time to get more website traffic until you reach $31K/month from Walmart Affiliate.

Based on the different affiliate marketers, here’s the editor’s rating

Walmart Affiliate Ratings

walmart affiliate program
Walmart affiliates can earn around 1% to 4% per item conversion. With the product ranging from $100, we will make $4 in commission as per their highest commission rate of 4%.
M Waseem Aziz


Anyone with no prior experience in affiliate marketing can start working with Walmart to promote their product & can easily generate $31K/month with the strategies mentioned in this blog post.



  • Walmart is a well-known brand which means you will going to get a quick conversion.
  • Millions of amazing products to promote.
  • Walmart SDK tool adds a quick feature to buy it directly from your website or app.
  • Easy to join.


  • Very low commission rate ranging from a minimum of 1% to a maximum of 4%.
  • You have to keep track of the product you are promoting to make sure it won’t be marked as stock out.
  • Short 3-day cookie only
  • Long 60-day payout

Now let’s see how can we make $31K/month with Walmart completely free without any paid advertisement

Free Traffic To Earn $31000/Month Through Walmart’s Affiliate Program

Walmart Affiliate Program offers a maximum of 4% commission & being a new affiliate marketer, it is always difficult to spend money on ads. Usually, I won’t recommend spending money on ads if you are a new affiliate marketer. So the question may arise, how to promote products without spending. Here is the method;

Free Traffic Method:

For this method, you don’t have to work hard, but you have to work smart. You have to create your YouTube channel or Facebook page or any other social media channel where you can post videos. Make sure to choose the best brand name whose website domain must be available.

Maybe you can also get a domain first through Namecheap costing you around $1. Although it is not necessary, it will help you in the long run.

Now use the same brand name on your YouTube channel.

No need to worry if you hesitate to face the camera, we are going to create a Faceless YouTube Automation channel.

Faceless YouTube Automation Channel to bring free traffic:

I used the same method for my Walmart Affiliate Program & here is the result from one of my channels

youtube for Walmart prodcuts

The best thing is that you will get paid to drive traffic to your affiliate link or affiliated Walmart website. 

Note:  You can use the same method for any affiliate product.

Upload 10-15 Short Videos Per Day on YouTube From TikTok

As we want to create a complete Automation YouTube channel, so we are not even going to record a video, instead, we are going to download the videos from TikTok.

Now you get the point here. We will go to TikTok & search for any products that must be available on Walmart or Amazon. Once you find it, download the video using the link given here

Now upload the same video on YouTube & you are just done. Have a look

Walmart affiliate commission

See that…?

2+ million views on someone else’s video. You can see the channel name & TikTok username, both are different. But still, that guy is making huge money with the Amazon Associates Program. If he can do it, we can do that too with our Walmart Affiliate Program or any similar program.

General Income Proof of Walmart Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is all about selling products without spending much on paid advertisements, banner ads, or affiliate tools. It’s all about traffic & traffic is money.

Now you have gone through the above example & I believe you can do the general math calculation now, to calculate how much that guy makes through affiliate marketing. 

Let’s put all this into Walmart Affiliate.

Calculation of commission

As per the Walmart Affiliate Program website, we know that the maximum conversion rate given by Walmart is around 4% & the minimum is 1%.

Now take another example of a similar video & we will move onward with that example.

Walmart affiliate join program

This video got 17+ million views now at the time of my blog posting. So you can imagine how much that girl will be making through just product review videos. I believe it will be more than $10K+ with this video only.

If we take the Walmart product example below, you can see it is only $109.98. It is in the beauty category & we know Walmart pays 4% on beauty products.

Now with 17M views, we are expecting 0.5% to 1% conversion from those views. The 0.5% to 1% conversion is considered an average conversion in eCommerce affiliate marketing.

If the product price is $109.98 & with those 17 million views keeping the conversion rate to the lowest which is 0.5% we will get (17M X 0.5% = 85000) conversion.

Yes, that is 85000 conversions out of those 17 million views.

Now with 4% commission rate we will make ($109.98 X 4% = $4.39). So with 85000 it will be around (85000 X $4.39 = $373,150).

That means you can easily earn $373,150. As we can see the video was created in 2021 & till now, I assume we make $373,150 in a year. So it means we make ($373,150 X 12 months = $31,095 per month).

It means we can generate an average of $31K per month through Walmart or Amazon affiliate programs.

This is an example where we calculate the profit with a commission rate of 4%. Similarly, if your product commission rate is 1%, you can still make $92,633 yearly, which means $7,719 per month.

Note:  With this method, you can promote any affiliate products that are related to the eCommerce industry.

Can we generate the same amount with a website?

Yes, you can generate the same or maybe more amount based on your traffic. To generate the same amount your website’s monthly traffic should be around 17M to 22M as we see in the YouTube example.

The only difference will be that you have to work hard to grow your blog & you can’t use someone else’s content. But on YouTube, you can use 30 second to 1-minute video of someone else as it comes to the fair usage policy of YouTube. Walmart affiliate is the best program if you can generate enough traffic to drive sales.

Use Walmart SDK For More Conversion

You can use Walmart SDK directly on your website or app to increase conversion. It usually adds a BUY NOW button in front of the product image. On clicking the buy now button the customer can easily make a purchase through your website but on Walmart & you will be credited in your Walmart affiliate account created on Impact radius. 


I won’t bother to join Walmart as an affiliate program if I have a lot of traffic. It won’t cost me anything if I place their ads or banners or links on my website whose traffic is in millions or thousands. I will get paid out of that traffic.

Similarly, if I place a video on YouTube & get millions of views, it won’t cost me anything if I place their links. I will definitely make a commission.

Now if you are a beginner, you might be getting worried about joining Walmart, since you don’t have any website. However, with the YouTube strategy I discussed, I think anyone even a beginner can join that program & can start making money. I must say give it a try to see how that works for you.

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