About ArrowUpz

At ArrowUpz, our main goal is to provide different services we are specialized in along with different informational blog posts that will help you to choose the best product out of many or will guide you to earn money. You can explore our blog & services to clear your doubts about that.

During the past few years, we have grown our business & have partnered with many brands, which enables us to make this website an ad-free experience. We are funded by the brands whom we promote through our blog posts. You can read out the FTC disclosure policy to understand how that works.

Who Is M Waseem And What Does He Do?

He started his career as a Graphic Designer & has not limited his experience to that part only. He gained knowledge of major industries & started to sell services for that too. All different services have been managed by an expert individual freelancer.

He created this website mainly for that purpose which generates him thousands of dollars each month. He has also shared proven methods to make money online even if you are traveling & different software reviews

ArrowUpz is the best place to learn, earn & get your work done at the same place.


  • I was searching for someone who can help me with the flyer design. I reach them out & YES they did an amazing job! – Usman Balouch


  • It was a great experience working with them. They provided me with different concepts for my logo which came out great. I Will definitely work with them again. – Hamid
  • Muhammad of ArrowUpz is fantastic! He has done many video edits, gotten screen shots from video, created many graphics and more. He is quick (to respond, to get the work done), patient at edits/changes, very reliable. Worked with him on many projects for several years. I keep learning new skills he has. He’s talented. HIGHLY recommend him. – Phil (IDoWedding)