9 Best Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Tested & Proven)

It is always difficult to choose the best rank tracking software among hundreds of others.

However, the way we choose all these software is based on our tests & proofs shared by experts. If you want to directly jump on the top 3 of my recommendations go with Semrush or Ahref or SE ranking.

On average, 68% of traffic comes from organic search results. It is the most obvious reason to use keywords in our posts that people are searching for.

But when it comes to tracking those keywords, we use software that allows us to track these focus keywords.

Let’s find out which one is the best keyword rank tracking software.

Best Rank Tracker Software

What Is The Best Rank Tracking Software?

Here is the best keyword rank tracking software that we have chosen based on different tests & results by different experts.

Note:  All these tools are ordered as per their best performance.

1. Semrush

Semrush keyword research tool

Semrush is one of the best rank tracking software & is already used by 10M marketing professionals. Among them, 30% of Fortune 500 businesses use Semrush for all kinds of SEO.

Semrush can be used to track the keywords of your specific page or blog post. This will help you to make necessary changes as needed. Moreover, you can also compare your competitor keywords & their ranking.

How to track keywords ranking using Semrush?

  1. Go to the position tracking tab & create a new project.
semrush rank tracker tool
  1. Add your website & fill out all the details in the next form. In this form, you will also add all those keywords that you want to track.
keyword position tracker

That’s it.

You are good to go to track the keywords. You will get daily updates through email about the ranking position.

semrush dashboard

See that.

I just added three keywords to track & one of them is ranking in the top 1 position. Similarly, you can track the other two keywords & can make some changes to your content if you want to rank in the top spot of Google.

Along with that, you can use Semrush to find your keywords and backlinks. You can also check the site audit using Semrush.

In short, if you invest in this tool, you don’t have to buy another tool.

How is Semrush best as a rank tracking software?

Semrush provides very detailed reporting of the keywords along with other tools. Moreover, it keeps updated after every 24 hours. Here are a few of its key features;

Key Features

  • Keyword Rank Tracking Software:

You can track keywords based on mobile, desktop & tablet searches. Moreover, you can set the search engine to Google or Baidu. That’s not the end, you can also set the search location.

Once you are done with that you can put around 1500-5000 keywords to track & can get updates daily.

  • Keyword Research:

You can do complete keyword research using Semrush. Its keyword magic tool generates a lot of keyword ideas based on broad match, phrase match, or related keywords.

semrush keyword tracking tool
  • Link Building:

You can easily find backlink gaps & can create link building with high authority sites to boost your SERP ranking.

  • Local Rank Tracking:

You can easily track keywords for your local SEO & can increase your website visitors to bring in more sales & conversions.

Similarly, there are a lot more tools within Semrush that can boost ranking positions.

Pros & Cons

We have the following pros & cons of Semrush


  • All-in-one SEO tool.
  • Best for keyword rank tracking, keyword finder, helps to create backlinks, and offers complete site audit.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Send detailed reports through emails.


  • Only offer Google & Baidu search results. (But most of the searches are done with Google, so I am satisfied with this).
  • Expensive tool than others in the market.


semrush pricing

Pro Plan ($99.95/mo):

Save 17% if you pay Semrush yearly & it will cost you only $99.95/mo. However, if you pay monthly, it will cost you $119.95/mo.

You can track 500 keywords with this plan with daily updates.

Guru Plan ($191.62/mo):

Guru plan costs you only $191.62/mo if paid annually. However, if you proceed with a monthly plan then you will pay $229.95/mo.

1500 keywords can be tracked with this plan.

Business Plan ($374.95/mo):

If you are running a great business or agency then this plan is worth your money with a cost of $374.95/mo if paid annually. However, if you pay monthly then it will cost you $449.95/mo.

With this plan, you can easily track 5000 words.

2. Ahref

Rank Higher & Get More Traffic.

ahref rank tracker

Ahref & Semrush both are competitors of each other. That means both software perform efficiently in tracking & ranking the keywords. Hence it can be the best rank tracking software. 

Ahref monitors your keyword ranking among 170 countries & will also compare your performance with your competitors.

How to track keywords ranking using Ahref?

  1. The rank tracker gives you a complete overview of the keyword rankings that you have added while creating your first project.
ahref dashboard

2. Ahref gives the complete SERP results & allows you to study all the target keywords’ performance. Based on that you can easily adjust your content.

ahref keyword position tracking

See that.

During the past year, the keywords have been ranked in 12% of the SERP results.

How is Ahref best as a rank tracking software?

Ahref gives a complete & detailed overview of the keywords that you want to track. With the following features, we can understand how it can perform better,

Key Features

  • Rank Tracker:

Ahref gives a detailed report for the keywords you want to track. Along with that, you can also check your competitor keyword tracking & ranking which might help you to add those keywords to your blog post.

ahref keyword explorer
  • Site Explorer:

With Ahref site explorer you can easily check & find your competitors’ backlinks. Along with that, you can analyze whether your competitor is ranked organically or with paid search.

  • Keywords Explorer:

Ahref has trillions of keywords in its database & is one the best tool to generate tons of keyword ideas.

ahref keyword finder
  • Site Audit:

With Ahref site audit, you can easily optimize your page for on-page SEO & can figure out all the errors or issues that may be a hurdle for search engine rankings.

Pros & Cons

We have the following pros & cons of Ahref


  • Best for keyword research & rank tracking.
  • Give a detailed report of backlinks.
  • Site audit can easily be checked.
  • Trillions of keywords data & have the best web crawlers.


  • A little bit expensive.


Get two months free Ahref by purchasing its annual plan.

ahref pricing

Lite Plan ($83/mo):

It is best for small business owners & personal projects. If you buy it annually, it will cost you around $83/mo, otherwise, if you pay on a monthly basis it will cost you $99/mo.

Standard Plan ($166/mo):

It is best for SEO professionals & marketers & costs around $166/mo if paid annually. But if you want to pay monthly, then it will cost you around $199/mo.

Advanced Plan ($333/mo):

The advanced package will give you more extra features with the price quote of $333/mo if paid annually. However, if you purchase it on a monthly basis it will cost you $399/mo.

Enterprise Plan ($833/mo):

If you are running an agency or need unlimited Ahref features then this package is best for you. It costs you around $833/mo if paid annually or else $999/mo if paid monthly.

3. SE Ranking

All in one SEO tool with real-time keyword tracking.

SE Ranking tool

SE Ranking is known as all in one SEO & keyword rank tracking tool with a real-time keyword rank tracker. SE ranking is the only tool that tracks keyword rankings for major search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube & Yahoo.

Moreover, it is an accurate rank tracker when it comes to SEO.

How to track keywords ranking using SE Ranking?

1. Once you have logged into the dashboard, you have to create a new project from the top right corner.

best keyword ranking software

2. Once you click on it then you have to fill out all the details for the website that you are going to track. You can change the domain type as per your needs.

keyword ranking tool

3. The next step is to add a keyword. You can add the keywords manually or import them from Google Analytics, or a CSV file.

add keyword to track

4. The next step is to select a search engine and then add your competitors & fill out all the required data.

That’s it.

You are good to go to track the keywords. You can see from the below image how the track rankings actually work.

keyword position tracking

How is SE Ranking best as a rank tracker tool?

SE Ranking monitors keywords rankings on all different search engine results pages (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even YouTube). It also allows you to check rankings from different countries’ locations. Along with that, SE Ranking also offers a backlink checker tool, keyword research tool & SERP tracking tools & much more.

Key Features 

Here are a few of its key features;

  • Real-Time Keyword Rank Tracker:

With pinpoint accuracy, SE Ranking gives real-time keyword rank tracking.

  • On-Page SEO checker:

On-page SEO checking helps you to improve your website content for the top Google rankings.

  • Mobile Rank Tracking & Backlink Analysis:

It gives you rank tracking for mobile & desktop versions at the same time. Moreover, you can also do a complete backlink analysis using this tool.

Pros & Cons


  • Cover major SEO tools.
  • Real-time keyword position tracking.
  • Accurate data for specifically targeted countries.
  • Support multiple search engines.


  • Complicated menus to understand.
  • No way to know about toxic backlinks.
  • Complicated pricing structure.


They offer 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, 9 months, & annual plans.

SE Ranking pricing

Essential Plan ($31.20/mo):

Track 250 keywords with 10 total projects & all other essential features with the price range of $31.20/mo for an annual subscription. One-month plan cost around $39/mo.

Pro Plan ($71.20/mo):

1000 keywords can be tracked with unlimited projects & all other recommended features are included in the price range of $71.20/mo for an annual subscription. One-month plan cost around $89/mo.

Business Plan Plan ($151.20/mo):

Track 2500 keywords with unlimited projects with a price range of $151.20/mo if you purchased their annual plan. Whereas, their one-month plan cost around $189/mo.

4. SERPWatcher

Best for hourly keyword rank tracker.

Mangool serpwatcher

SERPWatcher is a great tool integrated by Mangools who made SEO very simple. It is a feature-rich SEO tool that can be used by agencies or freelancers & give accurate data from different search results, locations & devices. It provides updates often every hour, but for the best result, I will suggest you track it after every 24 hours.

Hence it can be the best tool among other rank tracking tools if you want to track keyword rankings after an hour.

How to do keyword rank tracking using SERPWatcher?

1. Once you logged in to your account you can now create your first listing by going to the rank tracking option.

serpwatcher overview

2. Set up your new tracking. From here you can enter your website & targeted location. Once you are done with that, enter the keywords that you want to track for different search engine optimization.

keyword tracking set up

That’s it.
You are good to go. It is as simple as they claimed. You can also set up an email notification whenever your keyword changes its position.

email notifications

Among all other best keyword rank tracker tools, this feature is only given by SERPWatcher.

Key Features 

  • SERP Tracking Tool:

Mangools also provide a SERP tracking tool to track your website indexing among your competitors. Along with that it also monitors the tracking of different SERP features.

  • Backlink Analysis:
backlink analysis

It also gives you different backlink analysis which you track & replicate easily. With this tool, you can also find backlinks that are now lost & you can grab that opportunity to replace that link with yours.

  • Keyword Finder:

You can also generate tons of keyword ideas based on different locations,  languages & search volumes.

Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable & comes up with many different tools.
  • Affordable & competitive price.
  • Gives email notification whenever the target keywords change their position.
  • Often update after an hour.


  • Backlink monitoring is very simple & doesn’t give deep analysis.
  • It lacks some advance features.


Save 40% with annual plans.

mangools pricing

Basic Plan ($29.90/mo):

The basic plan allows you to track 200 keywords daily & will cost you around $29.90/mo if paid annually. If you want to proceed with their monthly plan, it will be $49/mo.

Premium Plan ($39.90/mo):

The premium plan covers everything that you need & it might be enough for a small business owner. But it costs $39.90/mo if paid annually, otherwise, it is $69/mo if paid monthly.

Agency Plan ($79.90/mo):

The agency plan costs around $79.90/mo if paid annually. If you want to proceed with their monthly plan, then it will cost you $129/mo.

5. Wincher

Simple Rank Tracking Software for SEO.

wincher overview

Wincher track keyword positions in the google search console & gives a complete overview of your site keywords which one is ranking & which needs improvement. It is the best keyword rank tracking software at an affordable price. 

It comes up with other essential tools that may help you to rank on top in search engines.

How to track keywords using Rank Tracker in Wincher?

1. Once you are logged in to your account you can add keywords that you want to track from the dashboard. Sometimes, it also picked keyword from the website & add them automatically. You can always remove that if you want.

rank tracking

2. Now from the dashboard, you can track your keywords. It will tell you in which position you are ranking in google search & also gives you an estimate of traffic that you are getting from that keyword.

search engine rankings

This is how simple it is to set up everything in just a few minutes.

Why is it the best rank checker tool?

Wincher is most specified for keyword tracking & their team has put their major efforts to make this tool work efficiently among other tools. It also gives detailed ranking reports along with the following features;

Key Features

  • More focused Keyword Rank Tracking Software:

Since this tool is specified for keyword rankings so it performs well in that specific part. However, it is not limited to that only. It gives a detailed report which you can export as a CSV file or can receive automatic email updates.

  • Keyword Explorer:

You can also explore different kinds of keywords using this tool.

Pros & Cons

Like every other tool, this tool also has the following pros & cons;


  • It is more specified in tracking keywords, hence it can be the best tracking software.
  • Allows local rank tracking.
  • We can keep track of how our competitors are performing on those keywords which we have used in our blog post.
  • Give 6 months of FREE ranking history.
  • Multiple users can be added to each plan.


  • It doesn’t give other tools like its competitor.
  • Few advance details like the backlink checker are missing which is a very important feature for keyword rankings.


Two months free account with annual plans.

wincher pricing

Note:  Convert this pricing to USD as per today’s exchange rate. The following price is in Euro given by the company.

Starter Plan (€24/mo):

Track 500 keywords with its starter plan starting at €24/mo if paid annually. If you proceed with their monthly plan then you will pay €29/mo.

Business Plan (€49/mo):

Unlimited websites can be tracked with 1000 keywords with this plan that cost around €49/mo with a yearly plan. But with a monthly plan, you will only pay €59/mo.

Enterprise Plan (€199/mo):

Priority support will be given with this plan along with 5000 keywords for unlimited websites with a price of €199/mo if proceed with an annual plan. Otherwise, €250/mo for the monthly plan.

6. Sitechecker

Best Rank Tracking Software along with essential features.

sitechecker dashboard

Rank Tracker is an essential tool of this software & allows you to monitor keyword rankings through amazing graphs which were not possible through the Google search console. 

Sitechecker is used by many big companies like Microsoft, Sony, Airbnb & trusted by 1K+ teams.

How to use Sitechecker for keyword rank tracking?

1. Once you login to the dashboard, add your website in the popup window. Goto the rank tracker tool tab & add target keywords. It will also suggest some keywords to add.

sitechecker keyword tracking tool

2. Wait for a few minutes to crawl your website pages & after a few minutes you will see all the rankings given by the rank tracker tool.

keyword rankings

See that, the rank tracker gives a detailed report that will be helpful to you to analyze your positions on Google searches.

How is SiteChecker best as a rank tracking software? 

Like the other top 3 rank tracking tools, this tool is also the best when it comes to rank tracking. This tool also offers different features that will help you to boost your SEO & search ranking in different search engines. 

Key Features

  • Rank Tracker:

Its rank tracker tool tracks the position of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing & Yandex for mobile & desktop in any country or city. You will also get daily & weekly reports through email.

  • Site Audit:

This tool gives you a complete site audit through which you can track all your errors along with a detailed note on how to fix that. If everything looks good, you will get a green checkmark

  • Backlink Tracker:

With a backlink tracker, you won’t miss any valuable links & you can also decide which links to collect and track. 

  • Website Monitoring:

With this tool, you can monitor any critical change that may be a blockage for your SEO. By knowing that change on time, you can fix it & it won’t ruin your SEO efforts.

Pros & Cons 


  • Major tools are provided to optimize your website.
  • You can comment on data & graphs for better tracking.
  • Real-time website monitoring.
  • Chrome plugin is available.


  • The free trial doesn’t give full features to test.


Get two months free account with annual plans.

sitechecker pricing

Basic Plan ($41/mo):

Basic plan $41/mo if paid annually through which you can add unlimited users for 3 websites, 1500 pages, 500 keywords, 3000 backlinks & much more. If you proceed with a monthly plan, it will cost you around $49/mo.

Startup Plan ($83/mo):

The startup plan starts at $83/mo if paid annually & gives all the basic features with the addition of 5 websites, 5000 pages, 1000 keywords & 5000 backlinks. If you want to pay annually, then its monthly plan costs you around $99/mo.

Growing Plan ($166/mo):

It covers everything in the startup plan with an additional cost of $166/mo if paid annually, which gives you unlimited websites, 50000 pages, 2000 keywords, & 10000 backlinks. Its monthly plan is $199 /mo.

Enterprise Plan ($499/mo):

You can get a quote for its enterprise plan. They mentioned $499/mo if paid annually or monthly.

7. Advanced Web Ranking:

Rank tracking made easy.

advanced web ranking trial

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) is more focused on keyword rank tracking software which gives ranking reports from major search engines. In addition to Google, you can track ranking on Yandex, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, YouTube, and lots more.

It also supports both mobile & desktop rankings. Local tracking is also made easy with the Advanced Web Ranking tool if you are running a local business.

How to set up Rank Tracking using AWR?

1. Once you logged in, you can add your website & keywords that you want to track. You can add manual keywords or use suggested keyword options.

AWR tracking

2. Once you are done with that you can see the positions of keywords with your selected search engine.

AWR keyword position tool

That’s it.

You are good to go with the AWR rank tracking tool.

Key Features 

  • Multiple Search Engines Supported:

This tool tracks keywords from multiple search engines including YouTube & Amazon.

  • Competitor Discovery:

You can easily track your competitor with a number of keywords. That means you can also add those keywords through which your competitor is getting more traffic.

  • SEO Reporting:

You can create amazing SEO reports that you can share with your clients, teams, or executives. With this report, you can apply the best SEO strategies.

Pros & Cons 


  • Multiple search engines are supported.
  • SERP Features of all types can be tracked.
  • 1-hour maximum time to gather ranking information.
  • Unlimited ranking projects included.


  • The overall UI & UX looks a bit outdated.
  • Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get the details.


Save 10% on an annual plan.

advanced web ranking pricing

Starter Plan ($44/mo):

Starting price is $44/mo if paid annually & gives you 2K keywords that can be tracked. If you pay monthly, it will cost you $49/mo.

Pro Plan ($89/mo):

It gives you 7K keywords that can be tracked at a cost of $89/mo if paid annually. All the starter plan features are included in this plan along with some extra features. If you want to pay monthly then it will cost you $99/mo.

Agency Plan ($179/mo):

All the pro features are included in this plan with 14500 keywords that can be tracked at a cost of $179/mo if paid annually. Otherwise, if you want to pay per month then it will cost you $199/mo.

Enterprise Plan ($449/mo):

The enterprise plan gives you the credibility to track 35500 keywords with the cost of $449/mo if paid annually. If you paid monthly, it will cost you $499/mo.

8. AccuRanker

Fastest & Accurate Keyword Rank Tracker.

accuranker trial

Accuranker is the world’s fastest rank tracking software. This rank tracking tool proves to be the most accurate rank tracker software & also offers you to book a FREE DEMO. However, their trial version doesn’t work for some counties.

They provide keyword updates whenever you need the data, which means no need to wait for 3-7 days like Ahref. This tool also supports other search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, and YouTube.

This tool will also help you to track the SERP history to gain better visibility on Google searches. You can do the analysis of which SERP features are performing well. Based on that you can take your next step toward the best rankings.

Key Features 

  • Accurate Rank Tracking Software:

AccuRanker proves to be the most pinpoint rank tracking software for now. This means they might have put all their efforts into this single tool, which may be the reason they are the fastest & most accurate rank tracking software.

  • Google Grump Rating:

This tool is available for free to check the fluctuations in the Google algorithm. With the highest fluctuations, the search engine rankings may affect.

Pros & Cons 


  • Provide accurate data for keyword rank tracking.
  • Give SERP history.
  • Give in-depth analysis.
  • You can add unlimited users to your account.
  • Monitor the ranks of your competitors.
  • You can integrate Google search console & Google analytics for the best SEO performance.


  • Doesn’t give other tools that are essential for ranking.
  • The trial version doesn’t work for some countries even if it is mentioned.
  • Desktop and mobile keywords count towards your keyword limit separately.
  • A little bit expensive as it does not provide other SEO tools.


Their pricing is complicated to understand.

accuranker pricing

If you purchase their annual plan with 1000 keyword tracking per month then you have to pay $116/mo if your purchase their annual plan. However, their monthly plan costs you $129 per month.

Here is the detail of what you are going to get if you subscribe to them.

track keyword rankings

See that.

You can give it a FREE try with its 14-day free trial with the link below.

9. SEO PowerSuite

Cheapest & Best Rank Tracking Tool.

SEO powersuite overview

SEO PowerSuite has all the essential tools that you need for SEO strategies & ranking. Among all other rank tracking software tools, this tool is unique. The reason is that this tool works with software that you have to download on your system which saves the cost of servers & makes this tool an affordable one.

Their rank tracking tool gives unlimited keywords to track along with SERP tracking from different locations.

How to use the SEO PowerSuite rank tracking tool?

1. You have to download the rank tracking software from here. Once you are done with the download, install that software & create your first project. Add the targeted website along with the keywords that you want to track. Once you add it, it may take a few seconds to grab all the data.

SEO Powersuite software

2. Now you are all set up to track the keywords. Within the same software, you can also use its keywords gab tool, competitor research tool, domain strength tool & much more.

That’s it.
You have just created your first rank tracking campaign.

Key Features 

  • Other Essential Tools:

This tool also comes with other essential tools that are necessary for SEO & ranking.

  • Site Audit:

This tool also offers site audits. That means you can analyze your website & can fix all the issues for the best SERP results.

  • Link Building:

Along with rank tracking software, they also provide link-building tools. With this tool, you can analyze any gap to create your best backlinks.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable prices for rank tracking tools.
  • Track unlimited keywords for unlimited websites
  • Geo-specific search results.
  • Email reports are available.


  • Different tools have different prices. It means if you want to check backlinks or need a website site audit, then you have to purchase that two software separately.
  • No web version is available. That means you have to switch to different programs for different features. 


Each different tool has a different price.

Rank Tracker Tool ($149/year):

rank tracker pricing

Its rank tracker tool for professionals costs around $149/year. Whereas, the business plan costs you around $349/year.

Website Auditor Tool ($125/year):

website auditor pricing

Website Auditor professional plan cost around $125/year, whereas, its enterprise plan cost around $299/year.

SEO SPYGlass Tool ($99/year):

seo spyglas pricing

This tool’s professional plan cost around $99/year & its enterprise plan cost around $199/year/

link assistant pricing

It costs around $99/year for a professional plan & $199/year for an enterprise plan.

Note:  If you are concerned with the rank tracking tool only, then you can purchase its subscription alone. If you want to use another tool like “Website Auditor” then you have to pay for it separately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to check keyword ranking?

By using different rank tracking tools you can track your keywords ranking for Google search results, Bing, Yahoo & for many other search engines.

What is rank tracking software?

Rank Tracker tools help you to monitor ranking results against your targeted keyword in search results for different search engines. Using these software will help you to rank your post in the top results of search engines.

Is Rank Tracker free?

There are various software that offers a free trial for at least 14-days. Semrush which is our top pick gives you a 30-day free trial for any plan. You can cancel your subscription if it doesn’t meet your requirement. But this software is worth the money.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts on Rank Tracking Tools:

Whenever it comes to the best rank tracking tools, many people prefer to go with the lowest price software. Later on, they blame their SEO doesn’t work well, because they are unable to track their keyword positions due to the limitation of the software.

However, all the software that I have covered is not free, but they are arranged in the order of their performance, the number of users, pros & cons, & results that they have given to many successful bloggers including Backlinko, Ryan Robinson, Neil Patel, & many others.

Here are my top picks based on the performance

  1. Semrush
  2. Ahref
  3. SE Ranking
  4. SERPWatcher
  5. Wincher
  6. Sitechecker
  7. Advanced Web Ranking
  8. AccuRanker
  9. SEO PowerSuite

I hope you find this blog post helpful along with all the results that I have shared. 

Let me know which one you are going to proceed with & why?

Disclosure: This article may contain a few affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy. See why it matters, and how you can support us.

Our Top 3 Picks

1. SemRush
2. Ahref
3. SE Ranking

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