We will do professional video editing and animation


We are video editors and have been editing footage for Social Media for a long time, and we have a profound understanding of how to produce a video and deliver a story to grab attention. 

We can edit Documentaries, vlogs, gaming videos, music videos, advertisements, podcasts, etc… 

Video Production

  • editing with incredible attention to detail
  • cinematic color grading
  • cropping and clip joining

Audio Production

  • noise removal
  • audio and video sync
  • volume control
  • sound effects if needed
  • Audio Enhancement

Podcast Postproduction

  • Mastering top-notch production
  • Producing video in such a way to get engagement via graphic elements, motion graphics, etc…

Motion Graphics

  • intros and outros
  • logo animations
  • text animations
  • transitions 
  • stabilization


  • English subtitling
  • Provided in any font, color, or style

It doesn’t matter how long the footage is, we can edit footage of all lengths!

So why are you waiting then? Contact me now to convert your vision into reality. 

Your satisfaction is my main priority!

See you in the conversation section.

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How do I send you my files?

For transferring the files you can use a Google Drive Folder. That way we can exchange edits and progress in the same folder.

What do I need to get started?

We need your footage along with some information on how you would like it edited. 

What if I’m not satisfied with the results?

we are offering unlimited Revisions in all the packages to show our commitment to the work and to ensure your Satisfaction. We will keep following the instructions until you are 100% Satisfied.

Do you offer other services beside video editing?

Yes, please check the service section.