We will do an impressive restaurant menu design


Paper Alive!

The world of communication lives on paper: a restaurant menu, a city leaflet, a gourmet product brochure. Using editorial design correctly and efficiently will lead to great results when speaking through the paper to your target audience.

Each customer has their own needs.

Paper communications (postcards or menus) convey ideas and messages. We strive to understand a client and their brand’s story that they wish to convey. Tell me your company’s values, goals, and target audience. We will design the correct communication to suit your purpose and target. Brands are unique and stand out for different reasons; my creation process is customized for each client.

The best layout takes time.

You have ideas; We have the creativity to realize them. Together we will create the brand identity and communication products you envision.

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1. Coordinate brief and basis for success. 2. Create visual and inspirational moodboard. 3. Creativity time! 4. Present concept menu draft. 5. Modifications based on feedback. 6. Finalize and prepare files for delivery.

What is a rework.

It’s a modification of the work that was done so far and not a creation of a new design/concept.


We mean the creativity of a graphic layout: a mix of images, texts, graphic signs, etc. These elements are in harmony with each other, respecting the rules of good graphic design, beautiful to look at, and suitable for the project.

Client and project.

Design is a two-way process and your input is vital. We will discuss what you want to achieve with this project, and in what direction you would like the work to take. We will use this information to develop ideas and design.

Color profiles, technical printing settings.

Every typography and every printing machine has personal settings. If you already know where to go to print your design once the project is finished, to create ad-hoc printing executives for typography you may request the color profiles (ICC) of their machines, PDF version, margins, etc.

The print is not included.

We’ll make it a print-ready file with the size you need, and you can easily supply it to your local printer.

Layouts and pages.

The page count is considered as a single page (not front/back). For the design of the leaflet, there is the possibility of both front and back, but the count is considered as a single page, too. We can provide the work optimized both in digital and ready to print, let me know before leaving with work.


Please provide high-quality images that you own and would like me to use. We can let you know if they are insufficient. Otherwise, we can choose and buy rights to selected images.

Fonts and texts.

We can use your choice of fonts, however, you will have to ensure proper licensure. Please provide your own text or hire a copywriter or editor as needed. We can recommend as needed.

Cover and back cover.

This includes the design of the cover and the back cover if needed.