We will do a professional SEO keyword research for you


Almost anyone can find some keywords – but do you know if they are the ones people really search for, and more importantly can you rank for them and outrank your competition? 

The baseline of good SEO content was and always will be keywords – they are the foundation for your ranking success and with it a carefully conducted keyword research.

We will find the SEO keywords (that matter) for your website or your business and compare them with your competitors.

For the last few years, we helped various businesses to grow their organic traffic with the right SEO tactics, optimized Content Management, and the right KWs.

We will pull and score up a maximum amount of Search Terms for your site and competitor’s sites – evaluate them and pick the best fitting ones for you. The Action Plan is provided via Video Recording.

If desired we create additional research for each page and prepare a template briefing which you can give directly to your authors to produce great content.

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Is it possible to organize the keywords according to search intent?

Sure, if you want me to sort them just let me know and we’ll organize the fitting keywords.

What Do I Get With This Service?

You will get spreadsheets of keywords that contain: Keywords Keyword Difficulty Monthly Traffic / Monthly Search Volume You will also get a live recording showing you the results and my feedback and suggestions.

What If I Do Not Know What Keywords To Rank For?

No worries. We can get ideas from competition businesses in your niche or online websites in the same industry. Then, then we can research them and tell you the best keywords to go for. Normally, just starting with an idea can be enough to get us started.

Will The Keywords You Choose Get Me To Number One On Google?

No. But it will help. To get you to number 1 on Google, you need great: 1. keyword research 2. keyword strategy 2. on-page SEO 3. content/copy 4. technical SEO 5. off-site SEO. But the keyword search is the first and most important step.

I Want To Beat Another Website On Top Of Google. Can I Copy Them?

Yes. We can find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for. We can find out what keywords are bringing them the most traffic. And we can emulate their keyword strategy if you like. This is one of the techniques you can use to hack the system and get ahead of your competitors

What If The Keywords I Want To Rank Don't Bring In Traffic?

If your keywords are poor (too little traffic, too competitive), we will suggest keywords in your niche that you COULD target that will be relevant and worth ranking for and have traffic.

Do you offer other services beside keyword research?

Yes, please check the service section.